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Landings, corporate sites, portals, services - every company has to deal with this

Web development company since 2008

It is impossible to imagine the operation of any technology company without web solutions. Landings, corporate sites, portals, services - every company has to deal with this. We began as a web development company in 2008.

Since then, we delivered more than 100 projects of varying complexity, based on different frameworks and CMS.

Key Benefits of Complex Systems

Complete life cycle of the project from the idea to full implementation, maintenance and support
Approach from the product point of view
Great price/quality ratio
Expertise in a wide range of technologies
Competence in various industries
We can deliver any complex web project including unusual and/or changing requirements, non-standard backend and various integrations.

Ten years of extensive experience ensure that we can undertake projects of almost any complexity in a variety of industries. Here is a list of industries for which we delivered the most interesting and complex solutions.
Мы любим..


Here is one of our flagship web-solutions - “Moscow region guide” which became the best among the tourist portals of Russia.

This "glossy" electronic magazine is built on the basis of CMF Yii2.

One of the features of the portal is the streamlined work process of the editorial staff and lots of convenient tools for working with content in the administrative panel of the portal.

Tourist portal
Tourist portal “Guide to the Moscow region”

Education and medicine

For almost 1,5 years we were engaged in the upgrade of two portals of the Moscow region:
  • education portal
  • public health portal.
A portion of the work was related to refactoring of individual portal subsystems. The majority of work was related to the integrations with various information systems.

For example, implementing data exchanges:
  • with schools and kindergardens: schedules, electronic diaries of students
  • health information exchange with Moscow region administration
Образование и медицина

The portals provide access to public services in public health and education 24/7. One of the main challenges was the high load on the portal servers with more than 500,000 daily visitors. For instance, in Q4 2017 we had 99.99% uptime. At the same time, the number of support calls related to technical problems was just 1-2 per week (before we began the work on the upgrade, it was higher - about  10-15 calls a week).

We used PHP + MySQL for the work. Web UI was implemented in HTML5 / CSS3. Both portals work on Drupal CMS.

Medical portal
Public health portal for local residents


In our portfolio of b2b solutions we created, Beaconka is the one we are the most proud of. It is a mobile mobile platform for Retail and Catering industry. This is a mobile storefront - the product allows you to quickly create a native mobile application with flexible functionality and a full-fledged mobile channel for sales through the application. The web part was created on Ruby on Rails.

Automated ordering system for distributors. Japanese company Idemitsu has significantly reduced the load on sales and accounting departments. We implemented this private intranet system is based on Bitrix CMS. An additional work was done to integrate it with client’s ERP system (1С).

SMB solutions was the segment we started delivering our projects and those we are still often engaged. To date, we have created and developed dozens of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Ordering system for distributors of Idemitsu products
Mobile platform Beaconka for iOS and Android


Take a step towards your new deals -  with the help of our Z-monitor service. It is a web service and mobile app to 24/7 real-time monitoring of public procurement requests for bidding.

Web UI, control panel and backend integration has been done via  PHP, HTML5+CSS3, XML.

The product advances for many years and is quite popular among the users.

A product for public procurement analysis

Technology Stack

We use the following components:

  • Web: Php, Phyton, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (JQuery, Angular JS etc.)

  • CMS/CMF: Yii2, Bitrix, MODX, Umi CMS, NetCat etc.

  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL.

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