Development and implementation of tracking systems, the development of tools for creating, protecting and distributing video in 360 format
Technologies of virtual and augmented reality
Technologies of virtual and augmented reality are demonstrating better and better results every year. The devices are getting more accessible and the technology enjoys widespread adoption.

This trend stimulated us to work in this area. 

VR/AR and Complex Systems

The main directions of our work in VR are the development and implementation of tracking systems, the development of tools for creating, protecting and distributing video in 360 format.

In AR we are complementing the real world picture with creating explanations/cues for users -  in our educational projects and simulations.
Блок с фоном и квадриком

VR experience

Recently we have been working in partnership with Total Interactive, engaged in the production of virtual reality rides. Together we solved the problem of determining the speed and direction of a person's movement, placed in a three-meter sphere, rotating in an arbitrary direction.

To do this, we used a gyroscope and accelerometers, coupled with a bluetooth transmitter. By placing the device in the sphere body and applying special processing algorithms based on applying the Madgwick filter - to filter data from the gyroscope and the accelerometer and quaternions to determine the position of the sensor in real time. From the data obtained, the linear velocity and the direction of rotation of the sphere are easily determined.
Опыт в виртуальной реальности

Experience in 360 video

Another problem we are working on now is the creation of a cross-platform video player in the 360 ​​format, which ensures content protection and synchronous launch on many devices.

The product is designed to work in a chain of 360-format videos cinemas. One of the major performance problems we faced was the speed of unpacking/rendering the high resolution videos (4K, 8K) in H264 and H265 formats. We also implement the encryption for videostreaming and integration with various tracking systems, including the system of tracking virtual reality glasses TotalVR, developed by the partner.
Опыт в 360 видео

AR area

In the AR area, we also have the experience of creating software for the students working with the complex medical equipment  and practicing on the Tele-Mentor simulator, where we added “hints” for the simulator working in the training mode
Дополненная реальность

Technology Stack

We use Windows Media SDK library as well as FFMPEG и Intel Media SDK to work with the 360 videos.

For video encryption we used OpenSSL. For the 360 player implementation we relied on Unity together with C# and C++ (and Qt, and OpenGL) to implement the player for different platforms. We used Open VR SDK and HidApi to work with different tracking systems.

For AR we used OpenCV together with Google Tensor Flow and  Open GL to render the augmented reality.
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AR/VR projects

Medical Simulator
Electronic equipment lab for medical students to acquire practical skills
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