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Ordering system for distributors of Idemitsu products

Intranet system

Intranet system that allows distributors of a large brand to form and track bulk orders, as well as receive the necessary documentation on them.

The peculiarity of Idemitsu’s work

The peculiarity of Idemitsu’s work is that work with distributors can be carried out under various conditions.

For example, one and the same distributor may have several agreements with a company, standard prepayment and credit type, when the cost of the order is taken into account in the credit limit and the order is shipped without prepayment.
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This leads to the need to implement various scenarios of working with orders - in the interfaces, the logic of work, price accounting, delivery and payment.
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Distributor when working with the system has the following features:
creating orders
saving draft orders
tracking the status of orders
viewing order history
uploading documents for specific orders
viewing product catalogs
searching inventory, documents and orders
reviewing the history of actions in the system
notification management

The conditions of the order

When placing an order, a number of conditions is taken into account, for instance, truck load capacity, product availability in the warehouse, the distributor's credit limit, etc.
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Client’s management system

The system provides two-way communication with the client’s management system, 1C Enterprise “Trade Management”. For the  majority of parameters, the data exchange takes place immediately, e.g. for information on the distributor’s order status.

The software we created has significantly reduced the burden on the client’s management team.
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Technology / Team

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Technology / Team
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