Medical portal

Web portal for public health services for local residents


The portal provides people with access to their own medical history records, including their vaccination history, and allows scheduling appointments within available local clinics.

The portal was created more than 5 years ago, and our team has been working on it for the last 2 years. 

Considering the high number of daily active users (DAU, more than 500 000 unique users a day), and the new service requirements, we did a lot of improvements:
We upgraded the Drupal CMS to a new version and made a complete code refactoring. The performance of all the operations has significantly increased
We did usability research and improved the user experience for the portal - virtually re-implementing the User Interface (UI)
We updated the HTML-layout for almost all the pages to ensure the UI is adaptive to mobile devices
We developed an API for integration with other medical information systems to exchange the data about patients, doctors, hospitals and made the integration itself
Modernization of the server part of the project to ensure “mirroring” of the virtual sites, automatic load balancing and switching to a backup site in case of a failure. As a result: a significant improvement in service availability (99.99% uptime for the last quarter) and decrease in the number of opened support cases (from 10-15 visits per week to 1-2)
One of the main project features was the implementation of user accounts so that a user could quickly access his/her history of past illnesses, vaccines, prescriptions, etc.

In the Web UI, the user can quickly schedule an appointment - to visit a doctor including specific specialists. An appointment to the doctor will not take more than 1-2 minutes, compared to a phone call for the same purpose which could take 5-10 minutes …
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The “Healthcare in the Moscow Region” portal has become more usable, better looking and, most important, fast and stable. We believe that this is exactly what most state/public services need today.

Along with the medical portal, we were also working on the Educational portal “Education in the Moscow Region”.

These two flagship projects were the beginning of our work on high-load systems.
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