Development of highload solutions
High reliability

The development of simple sites has become a commodity many years ago. In the presence of a large number of CMS and frameworks, the barrier for building a website has significantly lowered. And what if you need to develop a Web service that will be used every day by several hundred thousand, and even millions of people? 

You would have to solve the performance and scalability problems, caching and load balancing among the servers, which requires much more effort than the banal development of the web server UI. 

We have successfully implemented several high-load web services that demonstrated high reliability for several years of operation under high load.


Portals of the Moscow region

We have developed public education and healthcare portals of the Moscow region, designed to provide public services to the public in electronic form. There are more 1,500,000 daily active users for the public education portal and 500,000 for the healthcare one.

We designed the server farm architecture that provides virtual site mirroring, automatic load balancing and auto scaling of the infrastructure when the external workload/traffic suddenly increases. The uptime of the services is 99.99%. 

Both portals required integrations with multiple external services, so, we assisted third-party developers in optimizing interaction protocols and load sharing in their systems to ensure uninterrupted data exchange.

We also carried out load testing of portals, which helped us to find bottlenecks and refine the mechanisms for optimizing and caching data.
Порталы государственных услуг


Of course, the large scale systems handling lots of personal health data can potentially attract hackers, so, we performed a thorough security analysis and eliminated all the discovered potential vulnerabilities.

After that we ensured proper access control rules are applied and performed an additional round of security testing.
Also in our portfolio there are products with lower numbers of daily active users but with an equal or even higher computational load to serve the user requests.

We can mention here the Tourist Portal of the Moscow Region and the service for the search and analysis of public procurement: Z-monitor.
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Technology Stack

In addition to the standard tools for developing Web applications, we used a fairly large number of virtual machines to run web servers, load balancers, replicated database servers. Information about the software used to manage virtual machines, as well as the types and versions of software balancers and web servers, we can not provide in open sources for security reasons.

For load testing, we used python-based open-source software Yandex.Tank, To monitor the status of servers, both during the load testing and the regular operations, we use the Zabbix monitoring system

Технологический стек

Highload projects

Medical portal
Public health portal for local residents
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