Mobile development

We have been engaged in mobile development for more than 5 years
In the contemporary “always connected” world, providing mobile access is just a must. Every business wants to ensure the customers can get all the required information and buy what they want in the most convenient and easiest way.

So, investing into mobile application development provides you not only with a wide customer outreach, but also with a set of reliable marketing tools.

Directions of mobile development

We have created:
Social applications
Applications for business
E-commerce apps
Applications for the media
Applications for working with decentralized systems based on blockchain technologies
Tourism apps
We can do both: implement the whole product from scratch or add a specific feature to an existing one.

We can join the project at any phase: for example, design an application, or implement some functionality based on the already designed workflow and existing screen forms/mockups.
Мы да мы
We believe in the principles of product development and we like the results it brings: for instance, our own product, Z-monitor,  is used by more than 5,000 business users.
Снова мы да мы

Why it is beneficial to work with Complex Systems

complete lifecycle of a product - from the idea to a turnkey solution plus maintenance
product-based thinking
great quality/price ratio
expertise in different areas

Technology Stack

Native iOS development is done using Objective C and Swift.

For Android we use Java and Kоtlin. 

For Windows 10 we develop applications based on C++ and Qt.

For cross-platform development we use Titanium and similar frameworks.
Технологический стек

Mobile development projects

Mobile platform Beaconka for iOS and Android
Completely decentralized professional network
Mobile shop for guided tours
Mobile app for users of a popular news portal (Rusbase) about technology business
Social media app “Pulse” for iOS and Android platforms
A product for public procurement analysis
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