Solutions based on blockchain and logic of smart contracts
We learned how to design solutions based on blockchain, to work out the logic of smart contracts and to implement all of this
One of the main technological breakthroughs in recent years has been the emergence and rapid development of blockchain technology. We could not stay away and decided to master this technology not at the level of mining cryptocurrency, but by making a real product based on blockchain technology.

Since we managed to get deep enough into the technology, we learned how to design solutions based on blockchain, to work out the logic of smart contracts and to implement all of this.
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Requests for developing solutions for blockchain did not have to wait for a long time. There were a lot of interested companies, but among the potential customers the vast majority of people had no idea about the technology and offered to implement projects that contradicted the very concept of blockchain, or in which the application of technology was absolutely meaningless.

Having rejected many projects, we decided to help developing Jobeum - a decentralized social network for professionals.
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Etherium platform

We built the solution based on Ethereum blockchain as it had the convenience of working with smart contracts, the JavaScript API web3.js and a broad ecosystem.

We initially deployed and ran our Ethereum test node, relying on web3.js to access the node, then designed and implemented Solidity smartcontracts and developed an application for Android in Java. When moving from the initial setup to a real life architecture, we came to the conclusion that the initial setup had a single point of failure - the cache/proxy node through which the client application worked. To solve the problem, we redesigned the system so that the mobile app could connect directly to myriads of  Ethereum nodes. 

Jobeum is also integrated with Showcard (blockchain-based identity provider) to ensure proper authentication of users
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In the course of the work on the project, we solved a number of problems:
encryption of private portion of user profile, access control in a completely distributed system
e.g. providing access to the private portion only for specific users the owner explicitly gave the permission
how to store user profile pictures in a distributed storage (otherwise uploading the profile pictures directly into Ethereum blockchain would significantly raise the cost for the end users)

Describing Technological Stack

We know how to work with Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchains. We are proficient with Solidity, the programming language used to create smart contracts in Ethereum.

To develop Hyperledger smart-contracts, we used Go language. We created mobile apps for blockchain apps using Java for Android and Swift for iOS. To interact with the Ethereum network from mobile applications, we used the JavaScript API (web3.js).

To interact with the Hyperledger network from mobile applications, we used the Hyperledger Fabric Client SDK.
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Before starting the implementation of any blockchain project, the main question is why the blockchain is needed here.

Blockchain projects

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