Completely decentralized professional network

Jobeum is a blockchain-based professional network, a transparent system where users control who sees a specific part of the information in their profile.


Ethereum platform

Jobeum is a completely decentralized professional network - based on Ethereum platform.

Blockchain is used to store encrypted user private profiles including information about their work, education, projects and contacts. No central entity controls user information.

This approach gives back to the individuals the control over their personal data. 

Mobile app

People access their private information stored in Ethereum blockchain via mobile app. We developed smart-contracts using Solidity and Android app using Java. Mobile app communicates with Ethereum using web3.js.

We also added a reliable user authentication via integration with another blockchain app Shocard. 
Описание 2
We had to solve many problems, e.g. direct access to Ethereum blockchain from a mobile app without any intermediate proxies, designing encryption protocols to ensure secure access to the information and validation of encrypted user’s claims about their work experience, storing user profile pictures in a decentralized way to avoid expensive way of storing them directly in Ethereum, etc.

Technology / Team

  • project-manager: 1
  • designer: 1
  • android developer (Java, web3.js): 2
  • smart contract developer (Solidity): 2
  • tester: 1

Technology / Team
+1 (650) 750-47-91