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Social media mobile app for local residents to view, publish and discuss the local events


Social media app “Pulse” for iOS and Android platforms
The main part of the app is a newsfeed: posts created by event organisers and local residents.


The feed is sorted by the publication date, and includes one-time events and regular (periodic) events. The newsfeed algorithm allows users to personalize their feed in accordance with user’s preferences, e.g., content for teenagers that includes “rock music” category.
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Easy registration

The application has a simple registration via email or social network accounts.

Admin panel

We developed a convenient administration panel for managing content editing, which includes a flexible page constructor. The backend platform is Yii2 framework, and visual design based on Bootstrap.

Admin panel allows to moderate content of events and user activities and includes the necessary reports and analytics.


Technology / Team

  • project-manager: 2
  • designer: 2
  • iOS developer (Swift): 1
  • android developer (Java): 1
  • front-end developer (bootstrap, jquery, angular.js): 1
  • back-end developer (PHP): 2
  • tester: 1

    Технологии / Команда
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