In 2017 we began to contribute to blockchain development. In December we joined a very interesting international project, originated in California and Singapore. The vision of the project is to give people back the control over their personal information. It is a completely decentralized professional network (think “decentralized LinkedIn”) leveraging public blockchain capabilities. Every user’s profile has a public and a private (encrypted) part. The user decides whom to give access to the private portion of the profile (and can even charge for this access). So, the users are in control of their data, and nobody can censor them or get access to people’s profiles. 

One of the scenarios is to provide paid access to the user’s contact information and detailed description of the the work experience for potential recruiters. The users can get paid in cryptocurrency for the detailed information.

How it works
The user installs a mobile app, creates a profile and saves the data to the blockchain. The recruiter sees in the mobile application the public parts of user profiles - finding potential candidates. If the recruiter is interested in a particular user profile, she can send a request to the user and the user can agree to provide access to the private part of the profile. The user can set a price for accessing the information, and, if the recruiter agrees on the price, she makes a payment in cryptocurrency. When the transaction is complete, the recruiter gets access to the private part of the candidate's profile, and the candidate receives the payment.  At the moment,  we have a working prototype of the product. The prototype is an Android mobile app that works directly with the blockchain platform (without any caching/proxy servers) broadcasting the encrypted changes of the user’s profile. We’ll tell you more about our work in the next news updates :)
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