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Zelyonaya Okolitsa#nearby Mobile Application


Our engineers developed a Beaconka platform based on the iBeacon technology, which was implemented in the new Zelyonaya Okolitsa#nearby mobile app. The Zelyonaya Okolitsa store (Ramenskoye, Moscow region) ordered the application and they were the first in our market who decided to bring relations with customers up to a new information level.

With iBeacon technology you can track your smartphone in the range of special Bluetooth beacons. Such beacons are installed in retail stores, restaurants and cafes. Thanks to the application developed on the Beaconka platform, the store can get unique information about their customers, send personalized ads and stimulate sales.

The new Zelyonaya Okolitsa#nearby mobile app provides smartphone owners with a convenient directory of product cards (photo, description). It allows you to create a shopping list in advance, and the database is updated every 3 hours. A buyer sees only actual offers and promotions by getting push notifications. There are also individual discounts and favorable terms based on preference cards formed by a mobile application. It's nice and convenient to save just because that is you!

Zelyonaya Okolitsa buyers will receive the above mentioned and other bonuses after downloading the application on their smartphones. Please contact the store or download from the AppStore.

+1 (650) 750-47-91