Medical Simulator Tele-Mentor

Electronic equipment lab for medical students to acquire practical skills with the opportunity for examiners to evaluate their skills and competences

The simulator consists of

  • operating table with an LCD or LED panel for placing phantoms of human body parts,  tools, consumables
  • LCD panels for demonstrating video lessons
  • video cameras located at different angles
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Simulation module
storing, retrieving and displaying training videos and video exams, controlling layouts of the screen, automatic validation of student’s response phrases, checking and detecting the location and movement of inventory
Tablet PC software
simulator control (selecting lessons and training/exam mode, reviewing the results, automatic validation of the results during the exam or afterwards based on the video recording; system monitoring, etc.)
Software for remote technical support, portal for updating simulator software and Tablet PCs
Portal for lesson/exam content creation and editing


  • Video trainings for students to acquire medical skills
  • Student self-evaluation, comparison with a reference student performance
  • Checking the quality of student’s manipulations in online and offline mode
  • Automatic validation of student verbal responses
  • Auto-detection of various medical equipment
  • Analyzing statistic of erroneous student responses
  • Export evaluation results in various formats
  • Editor control panel to create new lessons
  • Built-in remote technical support and upgrade tools
  • User authentication based on face recognition
  • API integration with external systems
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С++, Qt, FFMPEG, Very Look SDK, Guardant SDK, OpenCV, MySQL, Inno Setup, Google Tensor Flow, Google Speech API

Technical Support Control Panel


Remote administration

pfSense, OpenVPN, TightVNC

+1 (650) 750-47-91