Control System for Medical Simulation Center

The system automates all the workflows of the medical simulation center - from requests for training to the statistical analysis of the exam results


Management of users and resources of the medical center
Exam datasheets generation (to evaluate practical skills acquired by the students)
Authentication and authorization to access the building based on face recognition and RFID
Integration with medical simulators from different vendors
Recording and annotating results of the studies
Inventory management
Reporting and analytics

Video about simulation center

2 minutes

Student Control Panel
(Web UI)

  • Results dashboard
  • Creating new requests for studies
  • Medical center schedule
  • General information
  • Notification from Medical Center employees
Личный кабинет обучающегося

Teacher and Examiner Control Panel

Web UI

  • managing the workflow of teaching the students and evaluating their skills
  • retrieving information about students, employees, available resources and the schedule

Mobile App

Editing exam datasheets on an Android tablet

Integration Module

interaction with medical simulators and data processing

Интерфейсы для тренеров и экзаменаторов

Universal builder of exam datasheets

Employee Web UI

  • processing requests for studies
  • inventory and resource management for studies
  • creating the schedule

Admin Web UI

full control of the system

Интерфейсы для тренеров и экзаменаторов 2


Web UI

PHP, HTML5+CSS3, jQuery

Integration module, video capturing, access control

С++, Qt, FFMPEG, GStreamer, Very Look SDK

Mobile App: “Exam Datasheet”

С++ Qt, porting to Android

Desktop App: “Exam Datasheet Constructor”

C++ Qt

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