BI system

Data analysis for of federal scientific programs

The system

The system is a set of interactive web tools to identify and evaluate research organizations.

It consists of:
  • the system part, which imports data from external databases
  • Web UI with search capabilities, data filtering about participants and program results, various pivot tables and graphs.
Коротко о проекте


  • Rating assessment of scientific organizations, projects and scientists, with the possibility of flexible adjustment of the rating structure
  • Visualization of the dynamics of KPI research projects, determined by our own unique methodology
  • Building a map of research teams, showing the links between organizations, projects and scientists in the form of graphs
  • Report designer that allows you to create sets of presentation materials (using the look & feel / corporate style of the customer)


Web UI

PHP, HTML5+CSS3, JQuery, XML, pChart, D3-framework, NetworkX


PHP, Python
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